Magna Celebratio

Magna Celebratio
24/04/2020 - 26/04/2020 Badalona

Badalona's Roman festival Magna Celebratio invites you to experience life as the Romans did!

For a few days, Badalona is once again known as Baetulo. The city goes back to being Roman and invites you to experience how the Romans lived 2,000 years ago. Try mituli (mussels in sauce) and boletos (mushrooms), work as a ferrarius (blacksmith), a vitrarium (glassmaker), figulus (potter) or as an ornatrix (hairdresser). Participate in workshops and learn how to make piscator (fishing nets), cistarius (wicker objects) or learn how to count with an abacus. Becoming a Roman for a day is not as difficult as you think!



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