Between cliffs and water

Half-way between the Montseny Massif and the Pyrenees, Sau Valley and Collsacabra Plateau is a complex landscape, most known for its cliff faces, abundant water and isolated villages, rich in legends. This is a landscape where nature exerts a hypnotic effect on the visitor and that, once seen, alwys stays with you. If you visit the area, part of your heart will remain here forever!

The sheer cliff faces that fall from a height of over 1,000 metres are the clearest legacy of the intense geological history of Sau Collsacabra Valley. The cliffs at Tavertet, L'Avenc or Aiats would not exist were it not for the combined effects of time and water erosion; the same goes for the crevasses and caves that hide under these rocky formations and that can be visited with specialist local guides. The gorges and waterfalls are also spectacular: the vertical drop of Sallent waterfall is unforgettable!

Do you like water sports? Then you should visit Sau reservoir, its enormous area makes perfect conditions for canoeing, sailing or waterskiing. Angling is another option here, with magnificent carp. Just bear in mind that killing them is prohibited, they're a protected species!

As well as wild nature, the villages of Rupit and Tavertet are two points of great interest in Sau Collsacabra Valley. Rupit's 16th- and 17th-century rustic houses with their flower-filled balconies will enchant you, while the breathtakingly steep cliffs that Tavertet perches on will rob your heart. To get your breath back, try some of the area's delicious typical produce: this is a land of beans, honey, embotits (cold, often cured meats) and cheese. Bon profit! 

  • Do you reckon you're a really intrepid traveller? Well, prove it by flying above the valley in a hot-air balloon!

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