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The climate is varied enough in the regions of Barcelona for you to enjoy each season to the full. Despite being strongly associated with sun and sand tourism, this Catalan province is also an ideal destination for winter, autumn and spring holidays, with plenty of interesting activities available outside high season. Here are some ideas for sustainable breaks you can enjoy throughout the year.

1. Summer

In the hot months, you’re sure to want to be close to the beach, which should be no problem at all on the Costa Barcelona, with more than 100 kilometres of coastline. There’ll always be some environmentally certified beach close by. But if stretching out on a towel is not exactly your favourite activity, there are plenty of magical beauty spots in the regions of Barcelona where you can keep cool in the heart of nature. Are you more of an evening person? Go and listen to some live music at one of the many summer music festivals held in the area or join in the celebrations of a festa major (main town festival). Discovering local culture is one of the key principles of sustainable tourism, so check out our events schedule and get ready to experience ancient traditions.

2. Autumn

When the leaves on the trees start to change colour, it’s a good time to explore natural parks of the regions of Barcelona, as well as to indulge in gastronomic pleasures, since some of the most delicious dishes of Catalan cuisine are typical of the autumn; savouring them in season is a guarantee of quality and sustainability! If you’re a wine lover, you’ll be interested to hear that many wineries in the region open in September for the wine harvest.

3. Winter

You might find some snow in the northern regions of Barcelona in January and February, but climate change means we can’t guarantee it! What we can guarantee are some hearty dishes of soup, cream soup and stew, in addition to other great seasonal recipes. What’s more, this is the time of year for several deep-rooted and highly distinctive traditional festivals, such as the famous celebrations in honour of Saint Anthony the Great, the local patron saint of animals. And if you want to experience a sustainable and different kind of Christmas, you can take part in one of the fire and tree-related rituals that take place at this special time of year. The Torch Descent in Gurb, the Fia-Faia Festival in Bagà and Sant Julià de Cerdanyola or the Centelles Pine Tree Festival are three ancient ceremonies that offer plenty of surprises.

4. Spring

In the regions of Barcelona, the cherry blossom is the sign that announces the arrival of spring, a splendid season that beckons you outdoors, whether for hiking excursions, picnics with views or some kayaking. And if you’re here for Easter, you can’t miss the processions, the Living Stations of the Cross or the candlelit Easter Vigil. You simply have to try the traditional Easter cakes and pastries as well! Palm biscuits, ring-shaped cakes, mini buns, torradetes de Santa Teresa (eggy bread fritters), Easter cakes... Traditionally, these delicious products, made with top-quality ingredients, are only available at this time of year.

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