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It all starts with the sea in this amazing area. Discover its six regions and a whole host of travel ideas.

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Landscapes of wine and cava

If you don’t know how organic, biodynamic and natural wines differ from each other but you’d like to find out, take a trip around the regions of Barcelona. From Alt Penedès to Maresme, passing through Bages, there are many wineries that adopt a green approach to winemaking, producing extremely high-quality wines without harming the environment. Some of the names may well ring a bell, while others will be new discoveries: small, family-run companies with limited production and strong environmental awareness. The seven suggestions below are likely to make you a convert to sustainable wine tourism.

Barcelona, territori ciclista

Prepara’t per gaudir del ciclisme de carretera de la mateixa manera que ho fan els professionals. Les tres primeres etapes de La Vuelta 23 passen del 26 al 28 d’agost per algunes de les zones més espectaculars de les nostres comarques, i mostraran al món que Barcelona és un autèntic territori ciclista. D’aquesta manera, si ets amant del ciclisme de carretera, t’animem a descobrir aquests fantàstics recorreguts, dels que podràs gaudir al màxim, sempre que vagis ben preparat i equipat. 

Plans sostenibles per fer aquest estiu al Maresme

I per a tu, què és el millor del Maresme? L’estiu? Que té molts dies de sol i bon temps durant tot l’any? Els seus cels blaus i lluminosos? Que no cal triar mar o muntanya? Les raons per venir al Maresme són moltes… i avui te'n portem una altra: el Maresme té un centenar d’empreses certificades amb el segell de sostenibilitat Biosphere. Això vol dir persones que treballen per millorar productes i serveis i reduir al màxim l’impacte en la natura i l’entorn. A continuació t’ensenyem alguns d’aquests 100 plans que pots fer aquest estiu. Continua llegint perquè et sorprendran!

Modernista 'souvenirs'

Very close to Barcelona you will find a great many examples of modernista works created between the 19th and 20th centuries. Urban palaces and holiday homes, churches and hospitals, warehouses and gardens, factories and cellars, all with the signature of the great architects of the movement in Catalonia: Antoni Gaudí, Lluís Domènech i Montaner, and Josep Puig i Cadafalch, among others. To commemorate this cultural trend, different towns and cities are organizing festivals and fairs to recover their aesthetic quality. Want to find out more about them?


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<p>Time to relax</p>

If your goal is a balanced lifestyle, in the regions of Barcelona there are many ways for you to achieve this. With 100 kilometres of beaches, 16 protected natural areas, five spa towns, three ‘Sports Tourism Destinations' and a cuisine rich in organic and local produce, you have many options within your reach to achieve maximum wellbeing. Would you like to discover some of the most notable?

<p>Castelldefels Water Sports Centre </p>

Besides sunbathing and lounging about on the sand, Costa Barcelona offers a wide range of activities for you to make full use of your free time. On its beaches and in its marinas, you can take part in sports like kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. And very close by, you will find excellent facilities to play football, volleyball and basketball, go swimming or do athletics. The desire to promote sport is so strong that three coastal municipalities have managed to achieve 'Sports Holiday Destination' status. Do you know which ones?

<p>Garraf's beach</p>

We just love the sea and every single one of the beaches along the 100-km stretch of coastline that makes up the Costa Barcelona. To the north you'll find wide and long beaches, such as those of Calella and Santa Susanna. Meanwhile, to the south, fine, golden-sand beaches, such as those of Castelldefels, stand in stark contrast to the sheer cliffs of the Garraf coast and small coves tucked among them, such as La Vinyeta, easily accessible.

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