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At the coastal peoples of the regions of Barcelona is very easy to find the beach that you are seeking. It discovers your corner preferred of the Mediterranean and enjoys of the infinite pleasures of the sun and the sea.

Informació sobre les platges del litoral català

PlatgesCat és una aplicació de la Generalitat de Catalunya que proporciona informació en línia sobre gairebé 300 platges de la costa catalana.


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<p>El Masnou beach</p>

In your opinion, what is the greatest thing about Maresme? Summer? Its many sunny days and good weather all year round? Its bright blue skies? That there is no need to choose between the sea and the mountains? There are many reasons to come and visit Maresme... Today we add another one: The Maresme region boasts a hundred companies certified with the Biosphere sustainability label. This involves people working to improve products and services and minimise the impact on nature and the environment. Below you will find some of these 100 plans for you to choose from this summer. Read on, as they will surprise you!

<p>Children love nautical centers</p>

When the good weather arrives, the beach is one of the tourist attractions that everyone likes, especially families with children, since the huge variety of seaside activities on offer guarantee hours of playtime, physical exercise and entertainment. What's more, on the Costa Barcelona there are six towns that hold the Family Holiday Destination seal, which means they're particularly attentive to children's needs. Would you like to know which ones they are?

<p>Garraf's beach</p>

We just love the sea and every single one of the beaches along the 100-km stretch of coastline that makes up the Costa Barcelona. To the north you'll find wide and long beaches, such as those of Calella and Santa Susanna. Meanwhile, to the south, fine, golden-sand beaches, such as those of Castelldefels, stand in stark contrast to the sheer cliffs of the Garraf coast and small coves tucked among them, such as La Vinyeta, easily accessible.

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