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Discover a spectacular heritage while strolling around villages and towns in Barcelona's regions. Participate in traditional festivals and let museums nourish your sensibility.

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<p>Plaça de la Porxada in Granollers</p>

Getting to Granollers isn’t so easy but once you’re there you won’t want to leave. You’ll be drawn in by the hustle and bustle of its market, the charm of its historical centre (ideal for a leisurely stroll), the splendour of its architectural heritage, the creativity of the Arts Factory and an endless number of other attractions. Visit the captivating capital of the Vallès Oriental region!

<p>Sant Adrià del Besòs</p>

For a long time we believed that heritage was only a thing of the past, which is why we visited museums to explore it. But all you have to do is head out for a stroll to see that the streets house the biggest collection of them all. We suggest a route that goes beyond the historical façades of the streets of Barcelona, immortalised every day in thousands of selfies. The cities and towns close to the capital are also home to architectural jewels that make them well worth a visit.

In 2005, seven buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí were inscribed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Six of them are extremely well known: the Sagrada Família, La Pedrera, Casa Vicens, Parc Güell, Palau Güell and Casa Batlló. However, the seventh architectural gem in the list, the Crypt of the Colònia Güell, is much less famous. It’s an architectural masterpiece in which the author of impossible works tested his considerable intellect.

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