Michelin-starred restaurants

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  • ABaC Restaurant

    Restaurants Barcelona

    Located in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood in Barcelona, ABaC Restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars. In a restaurant with sophisticated lines, whose cuisine was designed by Joaquim Casademont, the gastronomy is based on creativity and innovation and is prepared by a team of young professionals led by chef Jordi Cruz.

  • Alkimia

    Restaurants Barcelona

    Dishes that are seemingly simple although very elaborate mark the identity of Alkimia, a restaurant close to the Sagrada Familia with a Michelin star. Jordi Vila and Sònia Profitós are the architects behind an establishment that doesn't get carried away by gimmicky preparations or luxury products as the only way to embellish the dish.

  • Angle

    Restaurants Barcelona

    Angle Barcelona is found on the first floor of the Hotel Cram and is minimalist in aesthetic, with stone and white colours standing out. It serves highly-technical creative cuisine that is made with seasonal market produce.

  • Aürt

    Restaurants Barcelona

    En febrero de 2019 abre las puertas Aürt, el restaurante de Artur Martínez, reconocido con una estrella Michelin y con un espacio donde profesionales y comensales interactúan.

  • Caelis

    Restaurants Barcelona

    Chef Romain Farnell is the soul of the transformation of the Salon Diana, the historic dining room of the old Ritz Hotel, now Palace Hotel, in the Caelis restaurant. Farnell offers an elaborate cuisine which draws inspiration from Catalan tradition, without ever forgetting the solid heritage of French haute cuisine or the new creative trends. The result was awarded with a Michelin star.

  • Can Jubany

    Restaurants Paisatges Barcelona

    Nandu Jubany and Anna Orte are the instigators of this Michelin star project, which has to be visited, and which is based on the strength of the team and on a philosophy that emphasises Catalan cuisine, culture and emotion, but without forgetting innovation.

  • Cinc Sentits

    Restaurants Barcelona

    Amidst modernist décor, Jordi Artal cooks creatively, with roots in traditional gastronomy based on produce from all over the world.

  • Cocina Hermanos Torres

    Restaurants Barcelona

    Restaurante gastronómico a cargo de los hermanos Torres, que sirve platos creativos elaborados a partir de los productos de temporada. Se encuentra dentro de una nave industrial renovada, que destaca por su concepto de cocina abierta, creado para permitir el contacto directo entre los cocineros y sus comensales.

  • #

    Comerç 24

    Restaurants Barcelona

    Michelin star signature tapas. That is how we might define the minimalist cuisine of Comerç 24. With its sophisticated tastes, it is the flagship of Carles Abellan;s culinary project located in the Born district of Barcelona. The innovation and blending of different cuisines leave no-one indifferent, as is also the case with its highly original wine list.

  • Disfrutar

    Restaurants Barcelona

    Opposite Ninot market in the Eixample, Disfrutar restaurant is Mediterranean in style and cuisine and has won prizes for its avant-garde, daring cuisine and its interior design. 

Showing 1 - 10 of 30 results.