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    Dos Cielos

    Restaurants Barcelona

    Dos Cielos restaurant is the holder of a Michelin star with its chefs Sergio and Javier Torres and is located on the 24th floor of the Hotel Melià Barcelona Sky. The restaurant has a winter garden and terrace: two spaces with magnificent views over the city. Its cuisine is based on creative seasonal cuisine with a fusion of different cultures combined with originality, and simply-prepared dishes with Mediterranean flavours. As well as a la carte menu, they offer a tasting menu and have a selection of wines. They have an organic garden on the 29th floor which allows them full control of the produce served in meals.

  • Dos Palillos

    Restaurants Barcelona

    Winner of a Michelin star. This is a team of chefs trained in Ferran Adrià's El Bulli who decided to open their own establishment with the intention of it being a new concept that tries to unite the philosophy of Spanish tapas with those from Asian gastronomy.

  • Els Casals

    Restaurants Pyrenees

    If anyone wanted to explain what a dynamic family project is, they could definitely use the story of this hotel-restaurant: Els Casal was a Bergueda farm that was turned into this establishment. They run together, and one feeds the other, since everything that is served has been produced by the same family on their property. A Michelin star backs the idea.

  • Enoteca Paco Pérez

    Restaurants Barcelona

    One of the seven Arts Barcelona hotels, Enoteca restaurant uses the wine world as an identifying and defining element. The wine list has over 350 references and bottles are scattered throughout the exclusive décor.

  • Fonda Sala

    Restaurants Paisatges Barcelona

    The Fonda Sala is a family establishment in the heart of Osona. It serves a variety of market food, taking advantage of the closest produce from the land, always shying away from excessive sophistication but without giving up innovation and subtly in the preparation of each individual dish. Every season they aim to serve dishes based on the produce at that time. It has a Michelin star.

  • Hisop

    Restaurants Barcelona

    El Hisop is a small and charming establishment which is extremely intimate and led by Oriol Ivern, serves contemporary Catalan cuisine, maintaining produce from the land and the flavours of traditional and classic dishes but from a different point of view, looking for subtlety and always staying true to the seasons. A Michelin star is the reward for his hard work.

  • Hofmann

    Restaurants Barcelona

    This establishment, which serves refined and creative cuisine, can be found close to the Santa Maria Church in Barcelona. The Hofmann is the public side of the Arnadi cooking school, and Mey Hoffman is the driving force behind it. A fusion of styles and techniques, of tradition and modernism, the result of which boasts a Michelin star.

  • Koy Shunka

    Restaurants Barcelona

    It is a restaurant managed by Hideki Matsuhisa, the winner of a Michelin star. The chef and his team make Japanese cuisine with creative touches, a cuisine in which the produce is the most important thing, without forgetting the preparation and presentation of the dishes. They have two tasting menus which can be enjoyed in the dining room or at the bar, in front of which is the kitchen: this means that you can watch the chefs working. There is also a well-prepared wine menu.

  • Lasarte

    Restaurants Barcelona

    The Restaurant Lasarte, in the Hotel Condes in Barcelona in the Passeig de Gracia, has two Michelin stars, which it received in 2010, just four years after opening. In a luminous, elegant and intimate space, Martin Berasategui offers a symbiosis between the produce and flavours of the region, the Basque Country, and local Catalan cuisine.

  • Lluerna

    Restaurants Barcelona

    The Lluerna restaurant is proof that not all designer establishments must be located in designer areas. In this case, the combination works and Lluerna is located in the centre of the city of Santa Coloma de Gramenet. They produce Mediterranean signature cuisine in a an establishment with clearly minimalist décor. Victor Quintillà in the kitchen and Mar Gómez as sommelier are responsible for this restaurant, a reference point in the city for cuisine that takes care of the product as raw ingredients and which pays careful attention to the wines on the menu. In addition to the main dining room there is a private room in the wine cellar for some eight to ten people.

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