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  • Fonda Sala

    Restaurants Paisatges Barcelona

    The Fonda Sala is a family establishment in the heart of Osona. It serves a variety of market food, taking advantage of the closest produce from the land, always shying away from excessive sophistication but without giving up innovation and subtly in the preparation of each individual dish. Every season they aim to serve dishes based on the produce at that time. It has a Michelin star.

  • Restaurant Rubell

    Restaurants Paisatges Barcelona

    The Rubell restaurant has a repertoire of typical Catalan dishes based on the quality of its raw ingredients and the objective of “eating just like at home”. It offers a la carte service, group menus and another menu which changes daily. But the stew on Wednesday and the fideuá on Friday have won a regular place on the menu, because of tradition as much as the demand for them from the regular customers.

  • Fonda Neus

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    The kitchen team at the Fonda Neus offers traditional Catalan cuisine and a mix of dishes made with essence of cava.

  • Follia

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    An exquisitely restored farmhouse in Sant Joan Despi, next to Barcelona, is the birthplace of La Follia. Wood, stone, steel and glass make up an elegant scenery where Jo Baixas, the chef, takes creativity to the limit in a dream-like space where you can feel comfortable and where you can enjoy haute cuisine. Innovative creations, often slightly eccentric, that never forget their roots.

  • Esmarris

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    The Hotel Dolce Sitges is the brilliant companion of the Esmarris restaurant, serving Mediterranean-based cuisine with a daring flair and with modern, original touches. High quality and a noteworthy wine cellar give shape to an idea which is embodied in an elegant establishment and translated into classic recipes, some of which are given a new twist.

  • El Recó de l'Avi

    Restaurants Pyrenees

    The restaurant is located in Guardiola de Berguedà, in a renovated town house that retains the stone walls and vaulted ceilings. This is a rural house that also has a restaurant where typical Catalan cuisine is available. Their specialities are oak-grilled meat and seasonal dishes, such as those made from mushrooms, wild game and truffles. They also offer a variety of toast and tapas. They make a daily menu and another at weekends and also have group menus.

  • El Racó de la Cigonya

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    In 2000, a new gastronomic concept based on traditional Catalan cuisine, innovation and creativity was born in Santa Margarida i els Monjos. The exploration of new methods to apply to traditional culinary techniques as well as the design of each dish, prepared with local, seasonal produce, forms part of the philosophy at El Racó de la Cigonya.

  • El Racó

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    El Racó is a restaurant of clearly homemade tradition and ambience where each day simple cooking is served with good products and friendly attention to customers. The client is always the most important factor here. Everyday they select the best market produce and match them to seasonal products in order to prepare simple and honest food. From Tuesday to Friday they have both a daily menu a la carte menu. On Friday and Saturday evenings and Sundays at lunchtime they have an a la carte service. They also have a dining room for up to 60 people for any kind of celebration.

  • El Palau Vell Restaurant

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    At Palau Vell, in Sant Andreu de la Barca, you can enjoy a real grilled breakfast every day from 9 o'clock, and the house’s own vermouth aperitif before lunch. It has different areas, such as the lounge with a fireplace, which is the original dining room of the house and one of the most charismatic spaces in the restaurant because of its design.

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    El Mirador de Sant Just

    Restaurants Costa Barcelona

    A restaurant located in the chimney of an old cement factory. The forges and concrete structures have been preserved intact and can be found alongside modern wooden furniture. This eatery is at a height of 30 metres, is panoramic and circular with glass walls. Their cuisine is seasonal and made from local produce. They have an a la carte menu and other different menus, as well as a wine menu with more than 150 entries.

Showing 41 - 50 of 81 results.