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Discover the culinary specialities of the world-renowned cuisine of the regions of Barcelona, along with their five Designation of Origin seals, uncovering the secrets and myriad nuances of the area’s wines and cavas.

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<p>Local salads</p>

In the regions of Barcelona, the first heat of summer holds no fear for us. On the contrary, we like it so much that we welcome it with bonfires, music and dishes made with the best produce from the land and Mediterranean Sea. From the eve of the Festival of Saint John, we enjoy getting together with family and friends, and sharing culinary delicacies from a province that is so rich in produce that it provides us with everything we need. Whether we are under the stars on the shores of the sea or in the shade of the oak trees in the forest, we enjoy being in the open air and eating wonderful food. Here are some fresh, tasty and easy ideas to help you achieve perfection with your summer meals.

<p>Platja del Masnou</p>

I per a tu, què és el millor del Maresme? L’estiu? Que té molts dies de sol i bon temps durant tot l’any? Els seus cels blaus i lluminosos? Que no cal triar mar o muntanya? Les raons per venir al Maresme són moltes… i avui te'n portem una altra: el Maresme té un centenar d’empreses certificades amb el segell de sostenibilitat Biosphere. Això vol dir persones que treballen per millorar productes i serveis i reduir al màxim l’impacte en la natura i l’entorn. A continuació t’ensenyem alguns d’aquests 100 plans que pots fer aquest estiu. Continua llegint perquè et sorprendran!

<p>Lactium Cheese Fair</p>

When the warm weather arrives, new colours are added to the palette of the regions of Barcelona's gastronomic landscape. The ochres, browns and blacks of winter dishes give way to more vivid colours, with green taking on a leading role. Greet spring with some of the healthiest and most nutritious foods in the Mediterranean diet.

<p>Black truffle from Berguedà</p>

Winter is the time of year for soups, broths, potages and stews. Spoon dishes that warm the body and comfort the spirit with a much appreciated heartiness. In the regions of Barcelona, there are also other dishes to enjoy during the cold days of winter. Seasonal treats that will entice you with their intense flavours. Would you like to find out what they are?

<p>Red prawns in Vilanova's fish market</p>

With over 100 kilometres of blue Mediterranean coastline, it is easy to understand why the municipalities of Costa Barcelona have such a close relationship with the sea. The origins of many villages, towns and cities in Maresme, Barcelonès, Baix Llobregat and Garraf, lie in fishing, maritime trade and shipbuilding – origins that for many of these places are by no means a distant memory. Along this stretch of coastline, fishing remains one of the main industries – a fact that you can see for yourself, if you visit any of the seafood auctions that take place on the region's quaysides every day.

Enjoying culinary pleasures is one of the great attractions of travelling, but with it comes great responsibility, since the way in which food is produced can have a negative impact on the ecology and biodiversity of the places we visit. To ensure that our culinary choices don’t harm local natural resources or compromise the capacity of future generations to continue savouring top-quality ingredients, we should start asking ourselves the following question more often: Is it sustainable? Here are five simple tips that will help you answer it.

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And they say so because, in recent years, many activities have been devised to discover the landscapes of the different denominations of origin and, at the same time, taste the wines that are made in each area. Interesting proposals that unite the territory with the world of the grape. Do you want to know them?