The Tonis Feast in Santa Eugènia de Berga

Festa dels Tonis de Santa Eugènia de Berga
26/01/2020 Santa Eugènia de Berga

Santa Eugènia de Berga has managed to preserve the essence of the Festa dels Tonis.

In the past, the festival was organised by two administrators; they both had to be recently married, but one of them had to be from the town and the other a farm worker. They were in charge of decorating a float, in which the entire town participated. The residents loaded their carts and performed the Tres Tombs (three times around the church). The only thing that has changed about the Tonis Feast in Santa Eugènia de Berga is the organisation. Nowadays, instead of just two administrators, there is an entire committee. However the float with the best decorations is still a major part!



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