Costa Barcelona Week, 9 days in which to discover a land of intense sensations and 4 trips with influencers from 13 to 16 May to show the world an active and curious destination.

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events Costa Barcelona Week

  • The Sentmenat Snail Fair

    01/06/2019 - 02/06/2019 Sentmenat

    This was born from the wish to bring back the historic Sentmenat Spring Town Festival, commonly known as the Snail Fair.


  • Festa de la Cirera

    Santa Coloma de Cervelló Cherry Festival

    31/05/2019 - 02/06/2019 Santa Coloma de Cervelló

    It is said that you will not find better cherries than the ones in Santa Coloma de Cervelló. Come and check out for yourselves at the Cherry Festival!


  • Granollers' Feast of the Ascension

    30/05/2019 - 02/06/2019 Granollers

    The Granollers' Feast of the Ascension is a highly recommended event in the region.


  • International Museum Day

    18/05/2019 Towns and villages of Barcelona region

    International Museum Day is on 18 May. Have you thought about what museum you will visit this year?


  • Festival de Titelles Romà Martí

    The Romà Martí Puppeteer Fair

    18/05/2019 - 19/05/2019 Caldes de Montbui

    Discover Romà Martí's values with the Puppeteer Fair which honours his name, in Caldes de Montbui.


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Infinite light

Garraf is a perfect region in which to relax and enjoy life.

Postcards from wine country

Activities to discover the diversity of the many different denominations of origin and to taste the wines produced by them.

A water crossroads

The region of Baix Llobregat is a surprising oasis right next to Barcelona.

Bottled sensations

Alt Penedès, a gorgeous land that leaves a mark.

The good life

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