Cavalls del Vent

An exciting trek that links the eight protected shelters of Cadí-Moixeró. One of the great treks in the Pyrenees, closer than you think!

Lung-Ta (literally “Wind Horses”) is the name given to Tibetan prayer flags, featuring a horse that symbolizes the inner wind, the strength of desires, and personal milestones. The eight protected shelters of the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park could not have chosen a better name and logo for the circular route that links them.

The Cavalls del Vent is an essential trek for hiking lovers and trail running enthusiasts, a spectacular route through one of the largest and most scenically diverse protected natural areas in Catalonia. Suitable for different levels, the Cavalls del Vent always allows you to test yourself, while connecting with nature: honoring the flag that gives it its name, it offers a space for introspection, challenge, and personal improvement. As well as to have fun, laugh, and enjoy the mountain!


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If you like to run and the mountains, many interesting suggestions await you in the counties of Barcelona. Tough races where you can test your limits, narrow trails where you can find yourself again, endless tracks where you can enjoy the stunning beauty of nature. So choose your competition, put on your sneakers, and get ready to feel, stride by stride, an unusual feeling of freedom.


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