Oliba Path (GR 151)

A 300-km path stretching from Montserrat to the Pyrenees, revealing the great architectural jewels of Central Catalonia amid beautiful landscapes.

The Oliba Path (certified and waymarked as a long-distance path: the GR 151) stretches from Montserrat to the Pyrenees, connecting some of the most outstanding works of Catalan Romanesque art and historical cities and towns such as Manresa, Vic, Ripoll and Sant Joan de les Abadesses. The route includes beautiful mid-mountain paths that cross the regions of Bages, Moianès, Osona and Ripollès.

The walking route consists of 18 straightforward stages that can be grouped into sections, along with a five-stage variant. On the route you’ll find all the necessary facilities you need for a worry-free experience, including a wide variety of accommodation establishments in which to rest for the night and recharge your batteries, and an array of eateries that serve excellent cuisine based on local products. The experience of following in the footsteps of Bishop and Abbot Oliba across the Catalunya Vella (Old Catalonia) of the year 1000 is complemented by an extensive offering of cultural, wine tourism and nature activities.


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Section 1
Montserrat Monastery - Manresa - Vic / 5 stages
88.1 km | +1.791 m / -2.051 m

Section 2
Vic - Ripoll - Sant Joan de les Abadesses / 10 stages
115.9 km | +5.011 m / -4.701 m

Section 3
Sant Joan de les Abadesses - Les Basses de Puig Sec / 3 stages
39.5 km | +1.912 m / -1.042 m

GR 151.1 variant section
Tavertet – Sant Joan de les Abadesses / 5 stages
50.4 km | +2.132 m / -2.444 m



Discover the Vic of Bishop and Abbot Oliba

Over a thousand years after Abbot Oliba’s appointment as Bishop of Vic, there are various mediaeval routes and places in the city through which to explore his legacy. While special occasions and anniversaries are celebrated every day, millennial anniversaries are few and far between. The Oliba celebration shows the importance of this renovator of the Church and great promoter of Romanesque art and architecture in Catalonia. The legacy of the visionary bishop, who laid the foundations for a Catalan spiritualism based on peace, is alive and well in the city of Vic, with its beautiful historical and mediaeval centre.


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