Historical Trail (GR 1)

We trek from east to west along the historic paths of Central Catalonia through forests, fields, plateaus, rivers, and beautiful rural towns.

The GR 1 Historical Trail—also known as the Cross-country Trail—links the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean through the pre-Pyrenees and the southern façade of the Cantabrian mountain range. It starts in Sant Martí d'Empúries, south of the Gulf of Roses, and ends at Cape Fisterra, in Galicia. The Catalan section runs from Sant Martí d’Empúries to Pont de Montanyana.

The Historic Trail reaches the Barcelona counties via Alpens and crosses Osona and Berguedà from east to west until L'Espunyola, from where it continues its way to the Lleida counties. In the 105-km length of the GR 1 through Barcelona, we walk along many cultural and natural sights that explain why this route is so appealing: Santa María de Lluçà, the Lluçanès farmhouses, Sant Andreu de Sagàs, the Llobregat river and the textile colonies, the Graugés pond, the Capolat cliffs ...

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Stage 1 (stage 9 Catalonia)
Ripoll - Alpens
21.6 km | +1,120 m /  -952 m

Stage 2 (stage 10 Catalonia)
Alpens - Lluçà
14.7 km | +493 m / -599 m

Stage 3 (stage 11 Catalonia)
Lluçà - Sant Andreu de Sagàs
16.7 km | +536 m / -548 m

Stage 4 (stage 12 Catalonia)
Sant Andreu de Sagàs - Gironella
11.2 km | +230 m / -515 m

Stage 5 (stage 13 Catalonia)
Gironella - L’Espunyola
17.1 km | +633 m / -281 m

Stage 6 (stage 14 Catalonia)
L’Espunyola - Pont de Llinars
24.2 km | +1,426 m / -1,344 m

The essence of history

The mixture of past and present is the main attraction of Osona, a region that glitters with its own light right in the heart of Catalonia. This mountain-ringed plain has been home to Bishops and shepherds, bandits and Lords, and the echo of their stories can still be heard. If you want to listen closely, come and visit! Now is the time to revive their memory.


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