Ignatian Way

Following in the footsteps of Saint Ignatius on the physical and spiritual journey he undertook in 1522 from his birthplace in Loyola to the Cave of Manresa.

The Ignatian Way is an international pilgrimage route that begins at the birthplace of Saint Ignatius in the Sanctuary of Loyola (Gipuzkoa) and ends at the Cave of Manresa, where Saint Ignatius had a profound spiritual experience that marked his life.

The route crosses the Basque Country, Navarra, La Rioja, Aragon and Catalonia. Approximately 650 km long and split into 27 stages, it recreates the journey that Saint Ignatius undertook in 1522 from his birthplace in Loyola to Manresa. The route enters the regions of Barcelona through the Panadella Pass. It then passes through Igualada before winding its way into Montserrat Mountain Natural Park and climbing up to Montserrat Monastery, after which it gently descends to Manresa, the final destination of the route, in the last stage.

The Office of the Ignatian Way offers advice and practical information on organizing the route and on processing the credentials and certificates of the route.



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Stage 1 in Catalonia (stage 25 of the route)
Cervera - Igualada
37.8 km | +331 m / -567 m

Stage 2 in Catalonia (stage 26 of the route)
Igualada - Montserrat Monastery
26.4 km | +879 m / -468 m 

Stage 3 in Catalonia (stage 27 of the route)
Montserrat Monastery - Manresa
24.4 km | +485 m / -987 m

Sacred territory

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