Way of Good Men

We walk through the mountains and the great valleys of the Pyrenees, retracing the footsteps of the Occitan Cathars in their exile through castles, hermitages, and medieval villages.

The Way of Good Men is a trans-Pyrenean itinerary of about 200 km that starts at the Shrine of Queralt (Berga) and ends in Foix, Ariège. The route recalls the exile of the Occitan Cathars – the Good Men and the Good Women – in the 13th century. The Cathars promoted a return to a pure and simple Christianity in the face of the Catholic Church of their time, which they considered corrupt and ostentatious, and which declared them heretics.

The journey on foot is structured in 10 stages signposted as the GR 107 long-distance trail and runs through beautiful Pyrenean landscapes on both sides of the mountain range. During the route, we discover charming mountain villages and we can visit countless cultural, historical, and natural sights that round off the experience. In turn, we can rest in lodgings with different features and enjoy good cuisine based on excellent local produce. The trip can be done in different ways (guided, self-guided ...) and includes specialized hiking guides and agencies that organize it with a wide range of services and experiences related to the route.


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The Cathars’ Route

Looking for an alternative to the usual mountain destinations? In the Pirineus Barcelona area, you can follow in the footsteps of the Cathars along the Camí dels Bons Homes (Path of the Good Men), a trans-Pyrenean route stretching from the Sanctuary of Queralt, in Berga, to the Château de Montségur, in the Ariège department in Southern France. This route is now a Long-Distance Path (GR-107) and is suitable for hikers, equestrians and —in most sections— mountain bikers. It’s a truly unforgettable experience, however you choose to travel it!


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